Army Birthday on Monday, June 14, 2021

Army Birthday

How you can Observe Army Birthday

  1. Possess a party

    The Army Birthday is really a celebration! Enjoy drinks and food with family and buddies and recognition the women and men who've offered America.

  2. Discover the story from the Unknown Soldier.

    The Tomb from the Unknown Soldier, in Arlington, Virginia, is among the most well-known monuments within the U.S. Find out about its background and recognition its importance.

  3. Just say “hello”

    You may know a couple of from the 20.4 million living U.S. veterans. Even though you don't, go ahead and take chance to search out an experienced and provide gratitude for his or her service.

Why Army Birthday is essential

  1. It celebrates individuals willing to help make the ultimate sacrifice

    Celebrating the Army Birthday honors individuals Americans in uniform who serve their country in occasions of war and peace.

  2. It recognizes both past and offer people

    The Army has already established over 57 million service people in the history — including over 1.two million service people and also over 800,000 reserves.

  3. It recognizes all American veterans

    There have been around 20.4 million living U.S. veterans in 2016, based on data in the Department of Veterans Matters. Recognizing the Army Birthday celebrates all America’s military people.

Join the celebration from the U.S. Army Birthday on June 14 once we remember its creation in 1775. The army initially contained volunteer soldiers with roots towards the Continental Army — and it was created to battle the newest War. Today, because the largest branch from the U.S. military, the proud women and men from the U.S. Army still provide peace and security for people.

5 Fascinating Army Details

  1. ​The Army is over the age of the nation it serves

    The Army initially created to battle the newest War.

  2. ​The Army is a great deal larger than you believe

    ​If the Army were a town, it might be the tenth largest in america. Approximately a million soldiers are presently serving within the Army.

  3. More presidents offered within the Army than every other military branch

    ​Of the 45 men that have offered as president, 31 had military service. 24 of these offered within the Army, or perhaps in condition militias (today's-day National Guard).

  4. ​The Army owns enough land to become a country

    ​Soldiers serve at 158 installations all over the world, covering roughly 24,000 square miles. Whether it were a condition, The Army could be bigger than Hawaii and Massachusetts combined.

  5. ​The Army is America’s second-largest employer

    ​The Army maintains greater than a million active-duty and reserve soldiers. Only Walmart, with 2.two million employees, is bigger.

Army Birthday timeline


​The Manhattan Project commenced

​Army engineers became a member of with civilian scientists to produce two atomic bombs.


​The Selective Service Act passed

The Act rapidly undergone Congress. The U.S. has drafted roughly 4 million Americans.


​The First U.S. military academy started

​Congress established the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY.

​June 15, 1775

The Continental Army selected George Washington since it's leader

​The Army named George Washington as general and commander-in-chief. His mission? To battle against enemy forces in large formations using small ambush tactics.

​June 14, 1775

​Congress established the Continental Army

​Congress approved the raising of 10 companies of riflemen to join Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia before the finish from the Revolutionary War.

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