Banana Day on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Banana Day

Blueberry Day is just like a heady mixture of April Fool’s Day and Halloween (with no sweets or vandalism) with a useful part of eating healthily tossed set for good measure.

The origins of Banana Day, which targets celebrating bananas in each and every conceivable feeling of the term, are murky. However it’s known that each year students at many esteemed American universities use Banana Day as a means of celebrating this humble lunchbox standard. They eat and share strange banana concoctions (banana punch, anybody?), they dress as bananas plus they generally go a bit…well…nuts. And bananas too, obviously.

There aren’t a number of days around when you are able legitimately goof off and also have a little fruit-based fun, so why wouldn't you have a (banana) leaf the students’ book and go a bit bananas today?

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