Flag Day on Monday, June 14, 2021

Flag Day

Flag Day Activities

  1. Plan an outfit contest included in a BBQ

    The heavens and stripes are not just for flags any longer. Go ahead and take chance on Flag Day to sport the red, white-colored and blue on socks, swimsuits, and hairstyles. It is a perfect day to celebrate your patriotism having a fun twist.

  2. Educate your children or fewer informed buddies a brief history lesson

    A United States flag trivia game is an easy and quick method to become familiar with a couple of tidbits. Generally people know that every star represents a condition, but do they already know a brand new star only seems around the This summer 4 carrying out a state's admittance to the Union? Trivia - bam!

  3. Create a healthy loyal snack

    Bananas, particularly, marshmallows, My Dear! A lot of our favorite fruits lend themselves perfectly to making flag-themed cakes, so roll by using it. Fine, marshmallows aren't a fruit, but they are essentially a summer time necessity, so we'll let go of it.

Why We Like Flag Day

  1. An opportunity to show patriotism

    It's not hard to get so distracted by our day-to-day lives that people sometimes forget to become grateful for that problem. Flag Day reminds us that we're one country — u . s . — despite our disagreements.

  2. Parades

    Americans enjoy having parades for a lot of occasions and holidays. Mid-June is time for you to setup that camping chair in the pub corner watching the neighborhood firefighters, school bands and dance troupes strut their stuff.

  3. It reminds us summer time is near

    The elements is beginning some thing, children are overall school and BBQ months are here. Flag Day provides for us one more reason to celebrate outdoors and relish the sunshine.

America’s Flag Day marks the 2nd Continental Congress’ adoption from the first U.S. national flag on June 14, 1777.  The very first flag, because of Betsy Ross’ sewing prowess, featured exactly the same 13 red and white-colored stripes we have seen today.  The amount and arrangement of stars, however, has altered as the amount of states have elevated within the centuries. The present flag has continued to be exactly the same since 1960. Can we ever move from 50 to 51? Continue reading for a glance at some possible statehood candidates. And think about mtss is a warmup for Independence Day — in only 20 days.

5 American Flags — Through The Figures

  1. 50 — and counting

    We have been at 50 for pretty much six decades. Possible candidates for that 51st star? Puerto Rico, Guam, and Washington, Electricity.

  2. 49

    Seven occasions seven? An ideal square. There's so much luck within this flag, we have to thank Alaska (The month of january 1959) for joining us. That one were built with a short reign. Hawaii (August 1959) would soon allow it to be 50.

  3. 48

    It featured such beautiful symmetry with the help of Boise State Broncos and Arizona in 1912 and travelled proudly for 47 years.

  4. 31

    The amount 31 does not easily lend itself to neat patterns. When we did not really love California (put in 1850) a lot, we'd most likely make it secede having seen the possible lack of symmetry. (This flag lasted seven years!)

  5. 13

    America's original flag, it's the only person that dared defy the straight line pattern of its successors. Should you ask us, the 13 stars inside a circle better represent the unity from the, uhhhh, union.

Flag Day timeline

This summer 20, 1969

The U.S. flag sees the moon

Nowadays there are six U.S. flags present around the moon, however the first was placed by Neil Lance armstrong in 1969.

This summer 4, 1960

The present U.S. flag is finished

The 50th star, representing Hawaii (not Alaska), produced the flag traveled within the U.S. today.


President Woodrow Wilson recognizes Flag Day

Celebrating selecting the very first American flag in 1777, President Wilson signed off on creating June 14 of every year as Flag Day.

June 1776

First American Flag produced

Betsy Ross will get the loan. A little committee which incorporated George Washington, American statesman Robert Morris, and relative George Ross (she married his nephew), selected her to do the job.

It’s time for you to rally round… Whether it’s an enormous Stars and Stripes flapping around the porch, or simply a lapel pin, try to mark a distinctive day inside a unique nation.

As the 4th of This summer is becoming an exciting-round celebration people existence, Flag Day has stored much more of a nearby character, with traditions rooted within the township or even the county, the town or even the condition capital. Plus much more compared to family festivals, it feels to be celebrating it together with your team, club or class. Each year, huge numbers of people uncover their inner Betsy Ross making their very own versions of Old Glory, in from stained glass to potato prints to rows of flowers. The boys who adopted the very first flag, in 1777, could not have imagined it. Three cheers for those things red, white-colored and blue!

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