International Lego Day on Thursday, January 28, 2021

International Lego Day

Lego – have you ever performed by using it? These little plastic colored bricks happen to be sparking creativeness and pleasure in people of all ages of every age group for nearly 70 years! Small but mighty, Lego bricks inspire creativeness, and due to their ingenious design, they may be used to make virtually anything imaginable, from cars to dinosaurs, houses to aliens – if you're able to dream it, it may most likely be built from Lego.

As a result a flexible toy that attracts any age of individuals, it isn't surprising that Lego has become acknowledged as the World’s Most Effective Brand, towering over Google, Nike, and Ferrari to assert the very best place in 2017, but associated with pension transfer gigantic companies, Lego began from humble origins and International Lego Day marks the beginning.

Good reputation for Lego 

Worldwide Lego Day takes place on the identical day that Danish carpenter, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, first posted his patent for that original Lego brick in 1958. Unlike any other brick which had come before toy brick might have a classy interlocking brick system, which makes it strong, versatile, and less inclined to break apart when simply knocked over.

Not just one to fool around, Godtfred ensured not just to patent the look for his single Lego brick, but additionally to patent the idea of multiple bricks getting used together inside a building system, which protected his design from being scammed by competitors. Even though this day is frequently viewed as the birthplace of Lego as you may know it, the organization itself was basically founded by Godtfred in 1932, creating a number of wooden toys, and using the name Lego in the Danish words “LEg GOdt” which mean “play well”. 

Ahead of time, Lego was one of the first toy companies to purchase a shot mold machine that to produce plastic toys, moving which shortly brought these to create the initial plastic Lego brick in 1949. Within the 17 years from 1949 to 1966, Lego increased tremendously right into a global company which was retailing in 42 countries. They now boasted an item range that now contained 57 Lego sets and 25 Lego vehicles with factories which were producing greater than 706 million Lego elements every year – but the organization didn’t stop growing.  

In 1967 the LEGOLAND Band started as well as in 1968, the initial LEGOLAND opened up its doorways towards the public, attracting greater than 625,000 tourists in its first season. Today you will find 9 LEGOLANDS across Europe, Asia and also the US, having a further three because of open within the next couple of years. 

Nowadays Lego is really a truly global enterprise, its strong brand identity, but still unique simplistic design, keeps it a popular among children, while its background and versatility allow it to be much more collectible to adults.

10 super-fun details about Lego

  1. In 2016 LandRover set the planet Record for that largest bit of Lego construction using their huge 43-feet-high replica of Tower Bridge. This monumental structure used 5,805,846 individual bits of Lego which may have extended completely to Paris in France if organized finish to finish.
  2. If Lego Minifigures may be classed like a population, they’d function as the largest population on the planet! Using more than 4 billion of these as a whole.
  3. There are plenty of Lego bricks on the planet, that it is believed they outnumber people 80 to at least one.
  4. Regardless of the first Lego brick getting occurred in 1958, you can still interlock one having a Lego brick-built today – the look hasn’t altered a little!
  5. In '09, James May produced a home entirely from Lego! The home required greater than 3.3 million bricks to create as well as were built with a working toilet, a bed, along with a shower!
  6. Lego has become very popular that 7 sets are offered every second.
  7. Although Lego is performed by women and boys, men and women, they have a approach to take before they achieve gender equality with roughly 86% of the Lego Minifigures being male.
  8. Should you collect all of the Lego bricks on the planet and stack them together they could be 2,386,065 miles tall!
  9. Although Lego makes toys they're also classed because the world’s greatest tire manufacturer, making over 400 million tires every year to have their number of various lego vehicles moving.
  10. Although Lego was the first one to patent the Lego brick that we understand today, they didn’t technically invent them. The storyline has it the salesperson who found sell Godtfred his first plastic injection mold machine was transporting a good example interlocking brick in the pocket this was designed and patented by Hilary Fisher Page. Godtfred improved around the design by perforating the brick and adding tubes at the base to assist tighten the bond. 

How you can celebrate International Lego Day

Whether you’re five or 60-five, you’re never too old to celebrate International Lego Day. Listed here are a couple of things you could do in order to celebrate the day:

  • Have fun with Lego! Possibly probably the most apparent factor to complete on International Lego Day would be to have fun with Lego obviously! Grab your old lego set, or purchase one specifically for the day and sit lower for any couple of hrs of relaxing and inventive fun. If you have children yourself make a sculpture together and take the time to keep in mind the number of generations have become track of Lego by their side. 
  • Watch the Lego Movie! Lego is becoming so legendary it even features its own movie focused on it. Actually, nowadays there are two! Fun for the family, cozy on the couch with a few popcorn watching as Lego figures arrived at existence in stunning animation.
  • Visit LEGOLAND. And lastly, for possibly probably the most immersive Lego experience, pack your bags and vacation to one of the numerous LEGOLAND amusement parks. Be wowed through the impressive Lego structures and ride the exhilarating roller coasters for any day you’ll always remember. 

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