Lipstick Day on Thursday, July 29, 2021

Lipstick Day

Rarely has a lot debate encircled this type of small tube. Contrary, Lipstick Day is supposed to celebrate the prolific and gloriously glossy survival of this little stick of colour which has sometimes been equated to some lethal stick of dynamite.

Whether it's seductively adding more pull to a pout, or scrawling a significant message on the mirror, lipstick has in the past declined to become overlooked.

Sarah Bernhardt produced some epic scandal by making use of lip rouge in public places and Queen Victoria considered makeup hugely impolite and intended simply to mark probably the most impolite of ladies.

Yet, Winston Churchill found lipstick to become a wonderful morale booster and declined to limit its production during WW11. It appears he shared the key women (and a few men) have known not less than 5,000 years. Lipstick adds colour to character, so flaunt your brightest making Lipstick Day an enormous, marvelously colourful event.

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