National Blood Pressure Month on May 2021

National Blood Pressure Month

How you can Observe National Blood Pressure Month

  1. Look at your blood pressure

    Around 120 over 80 is the range for normal blood pressure. Any greater that which means gradually alter lower it through some simple changes in lifestyle like dieting and exercise.

  2. Get going

    Among the best methods to maintain healthy blood pressure is thru exercise. A stroll, ride a bike, go swimming, jog, or other aerobic activity can help keep the blood pressure low, as well as your body healthy.

  3. Adjust your diet plan

    Eating an eating plan that's wealthy entirely grains, fruits, vegetables and occasional-fat milk products — while staying away from sodium, saturated fats, and cholesterol can decrease your blood pressure considerably. National Blood Pressure Month is a great time for you to practice.

Why National Blood Pressure Month is essential

  1. It encourages shedding a couple of pounds

    Weight reduction is among the best changes in lifestyle you may make to manage high blood pressure. Losing even a tiny bit of weight might help lower your figures considerably.

  2. It promotes activity

    Regular exercise and workout can greatly decrease your blood pressure. Simply walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or dancing for just half an hour most days each week might help keep the blood pressure in a healthy level.

  3. It advocates moderation

    Alcohol can greatly affect your blood pressure, and consuming moderately is essential. Generally, which means one drink each day for ladies, and 2 each day for males. Bare this mind during National Blood Pressure Month.

Know your figures. High blood pressure affects one out of three Americans — and it is the 3rd leading reason for dying within the U.S. This Might, celebrate National Blood Pressure Month by raising your awareness with the strength of information. Then, use that understanding to battle unseen, potential risks.

As a result of inclination to exhibit either minor, or perhaps no signs and symptoms whatsoever, high blood pressure has earned the nickname “the silent killer.” Understanding of one’s high blood pressure — after which following through — greatly cuts down on the possible perils of related health issues.

National Blood Pressure Month timeline


Blood Pressure measurement gets all fancy

French company Withings releases the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, which can be plugged directly into an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The measurements are automatically uploaded and synched with the user’s account — making them available to share anytime, anywhere.


Blood pressure measurement heads West

By bringing Italian physician Scipione Riva-Rocci’s sphygmomanometer to the United States, Harvey Williams Cushing introduces blood pressure measurement to North America and helps spread its use in the Western world.


A key blood pressure tool is invented

The stethoscope is invented by French doctor René Laennec. This listening device enables the user to tell the difference between the systole and diastole pressures.


Blood pressure is officially measured

The first measurement of what was then called “the force of blood” is described by Stephan Hales in his book “Haema Staticks." He uses a water manometer to measure the blood pressure in the arteries of various animals.


Blood circulation study is published

English physician William Harvey publishes the first study on blood circulation. He comes to the conclusion that the heart acts as a pump.

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