National Cake Day on Saturday, November 26, 2022

National Cake Day

National Cake Day Activities

  1. Bake a cake

    Probably the most apparent and fun method to celebrate National Cake Day is by an apron (or otherwise if you want to obtain flour on your clothes), and preheat your oven! You may make one on your own or use some help from little box at the shop.

  2. Invite your buddies over for any cake decorating contest

    You supply the base plus they supply the creativeness. Invite your buddies over for any night filled with frosting and laughs, and select the cakes through the best, worst, and many creative designs. 

  3. Allow them to eat cake (at the office)

    Everybody loves a pleasant treat at the office. Surprise your co-workers by getting inside a homemade or store-bought cake. When individuals ask exactly what the occasion is, the answer is easy, "It's National Cake Day, duh!"

Why We Like National Cake Day

  1. There are plenty of options

    Cakes are available in different sizes and shapes, and flavors! The choices change from chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, funfetti, and strawberry, to mention a couple of. As well as the endless options of frosting and filling!

  2. They are so moist

    Cakes provide fluffy, moist consistency. These traditional desserts provide the perfect quantity of sweetness (sugar), carbs, and butter— all of the ingredients making it so scrumptious.

  3. Adornments

    A cake is nearly always covered in frosting and special adornments, which alone, is really a reason for celebration. Any cake may have a traditional foundation that gives a canvas to obtain creative. You can even find shows on television which celebrate the skill of cake decorating.

“Let Them Eat Cake” 

For 2020, National Cake Day is on Tuesday, November 26. We feel Marie Antoinette stated it best when she (allegedly) stated “let them eat cake!”

We’re unsure the peasants of 1700s France were too keen on the sentiment but nonetheless we’ll take her advice just do that! 

“Let Them Eat Cake!” – A Genuine Quote from Marie Antoinette…Probably

What's National Cake Day?

Can’t watch for your birthday? Remember, National Cake Day falls on November 26. Nobody can tell how this holiday came into being, but everyone knows that we all like to consume cake.
One Cake to Rule Them, One Cake to lose the home Lower
Kids birthday parties, receptions, baby showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceañeras, and virtually any social event has cake for dessert. 

National Cake Day History

The word “cake” includes a rather complicated history. The term is of Viking origin, in the Old Norse word “kaka.”

It’s All Greek in my experience!

The traditional Greeks known as cake “plakous,” that was produced from the term for “flat.” The straightforward ingredients include flour combined with eggs, milk, nuts, and honey. Additionally they were built with a cake known as “satura,” that was a set heavy cake. Throughout the Roman period, the reputation for cake grew to become “placenta,” that was produced from the Greek term. A placenta was baked on the pastry base or in the pastry situation.

Baklava is recognized as an “O.G. Cake” by all Major Historians
(The name placenta continues to be used today around the island of Lesbos in A holiday in greece to explain a baklava-type dessert of layered pastry leaves that contains crushed nuts that's baked after which covered in honey.) 

While in Rome

The Greeks invented beer like a leavener, frying fritters in essential olive oil, and cheesecakes using goat’s milk. In the capital the fundamental dough was sometimes enriched with butter, eggs, and honey, which created a sweet and cake-like dessert.

Get Lower(ton) Using The Queen

Early cakes in England were also mainly bread. Probably the most apparent variations from a “cake” and “bread” were the round, flat form of the cakes, and also the cooking method, which switched cakes over once while cooking, while bread remained upright through the baking process.
Sponge cakes, leavened with beaten eggs, originated throughout the Renaissance.

National Cake Day timeline


Cannabis cake?

Police in Germany investigate an 18-year-old lady who baked a marijuana-laced cake that finished up being offered to visitors in a funeral. The girl family claims it had been any sort of accident.


The Truly Amazing Cake Depression

Boxed cake sales plunge throughout the decade as consumers grow rather tired of the simplicity everything. Consumers turn their focus on decorating their cakes rather. Colorful magazine photos of cakes provide inspiration for homemakers.


Cake inside a box

The Truly Amazing Depression results in a have to provide easily made food to countless economically depressed Americans. One company patents a cake-bread mix to cope with this economy, therefore creating the very first illustration of cake inside a box. Cake rapidly turns into a mass-created good as opposed to a homemade niche — or something like that consumers bought at bakeries.


Eggs replace yeast

Bakers turn from using yeast like a raising agent for cakes — turning rather to beaten eggs. Once just as much air as you possibly can have been beaten in, the mix could be put into molds — either simple or elaborate.

National Cake Day FAQs

Could it be National Cake Day today?

National Cake Day falls on November 26. This really is always around Thanksgiving — making the 2 holidays an ideal match.

What's National Cupcake Day?

National Cupcake Day celebrates individuals small cakes which take only 3 or 4 bites to consume. Cupcakes work nicely for just about any occasion — especially individuals involving kids.

What is the National Brownie Day?

Yes. National Brownie Day falls on December 8. Brownies are usually more potent and thicker than traditional cake. Most consumers use an outlet-bought mix to create brownies. They often do not have frosting.

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