National Dress Up Your Pet Day on Friday, January 14, 2022

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day Activities

  1. Have an acquaintance take photos individuals and your pet’s new outfits

    Have you even dress up your dog should you didn’t have a picture from it? You have to commemorate you and also your dog searching styling! Possess a small-photoshoot, and upload the images to your social networking. Or, if your buddies aren’t nice enough to indulge you, have a selfie, or 3, or 10. In either case, as soon as is taken.

  2. Use #DressUpYourPetDay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

    In situation you reside in the cage, there exists a memo for you personally: the web is very creative! Search this hashtag to determine how other dog proprietors have outfitted up their dogs previously. You’ll get inspired immediately. And you never know? You could begin some friendly competition! We feel in your soul you’ll win!

  3. For those who have kids, but no pets, dress them up rather.

    The FOMO doesn’t need to be real. Should you not have pets, you are able to dress up your children rather! And in case you really wish to stick to the theme, you are able to grab a friend’s dog and go wild. I know your buddies wouldn’t actually babysitting their dogs a couple of hrs!

Why We Like National Dress Up Your Pet Day

  1. Clothes can reveal your pet’s personality

    People dress up to demonstrate their personality. Why shouldn’t your pet perform the same? Whether your dog is flirtatious, tough, smart or sassy, she deserves a dress-up costume that suits her persona. Your diva dog could possibly get a pink, bedazzled sweatshirt. Your tough dog could possibly get a doggy crew neck sweater. The choices are endless, so we would like you to test all of them! (And we’re sure your dog does too.)

  2. Celebrating holidays is much more fun with your pet

    Even something as silly as spending a day dressing up your pet is time, and your pet relishes it. Sorry, did we are saying silly? We meant amazing. Your pet will like that you’re spending some time together, and your buddies will like that you simply published it around the ‘Gram. Facebook and Instagram likes, here you come! Your picture could even impress that cute man or woman you have been eyeing.

  3. It’s most likely cold outdoors anyway

    It’s still The month of january, meaning a multitude of locations have cold temperature at this time. And don't forget: dogs get cold too! Just like you aren't designed to walk your dog when it’s hot, you have to place a sweater on your dog when it’s freezing. So safeguard your dog in the winter elements by showing some National Dress Up Your Dog Day pride. Treat your fur-baby with this extra layer of heat, and make certain it's comfortable to allow them to walk around in!

It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day on The month of january 14, so we want you want to full-scale. Celebrate by dressing up your furry member of the family in comfortable pet clothing — possibly even get matching outfits, if you wish to get crazy. Whether it were any normal day, people could be looking to you at your dog on the street. However, on National Dress Up Your Pet Day, matching outfits are not only seen recognized, but additionally encouraged! Who’s the angel accountable for this holiday? National Dress Up Your Pet Day was began in '09 by celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist Colleen Paige. It celebrates pets helping to aid the pet fashion community. The possibility only comes annually to wow the neighbors and also to release the interior diva of your favorite pooch, so make certain your dog is outfitted for that occasion!

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