​National Fossil Day on Thursday, October 14, 2021

​National Fossil Day

How you can Observe ​National Fossil Day

  1. Hug a paleontologist

    Paleontologists are pretty incredible people. They're going through plenty of schooling and training so that you can read the fossils of all types of microorganisms. It’s due to them that we understand a great deal concerning the last couple of billion many years of our planet’s history. Show your appreciation by providing them a hug, and asking to let you know more!

  2. Take a look at local occasions

    Each year, the nation's Park Service partners with assorted organizations, universities, museums and much more to celebrate National Fossil Day. Through field journeys, classroom instruction and outside activities, they’re distributing awareness relating to this important holiday.

  3. Go To Your Nearest Park

    Many nature are enthusiastic about presenting generations to come towards the science behind fossils and paleontology. These could include everything from scavenger hunts, to multi-day ranger-brought activities. Go to your nearest park and uncover all there's to understand about this fascinating science!

Why ​National Fossil Day is essential

  1. We are able to find out about our world

    A fossil is proof of past existence that’s been preserved in rock. This can help us uncover all sorts of shells, plants, creatures, and much more that existed lengthy before our time. These details allows us to know very well what was happening during each a part of our planet’s history.

  2. We are able to comprehend the advancement of time

    By searching at fossils, scientific study has had the ability to understand when and how microorganisms made an appearance and disappeared throughout the passing of time. This is the way they’ve had the ability to divide in the occasions within our planet’s history into different periods.

  3. We are able to look toward the long run

    Each fossil informs a tale from the organism it encapsulates, and also the information on if this was on earth. By analyzing fossils, we are able to begin using these tales to assist reveal concerning the future, and just how ecological factors (in addition to man-made ones) can help influence our world for generations to come.

Fossils aren’t just enjoyable to check out — they’re also evidence of the presence of once-life (like dinosaurs, creatures, plants as well as DNA remains). With these fossils we’re in a position to become familiar with a lot about existence from vast amounts of years back. We are able to even check out creatures and existence-forms that aren't in the world! These fossils (and also the education around them) should be preserved and explored. That is why we celebrate National Fossil Day yearly around the Wednesday from the second weeks time in October, with this particular year’s celebration being held on  October 14. Show some appreciation of these incredible “time capsules” and also the paleontologists who excavate them.

4 Fun Fossil Details

  1. ​They’re insanely valuable

    ​The greatest amount ever compensated for any dinosaur fossil was $8.3 million (they referred to it as “Sue”).

  2. ​They could be enormous

    The biggest intact fossil ever discovered would be a whopping 4 square miles! ​

  3. ​Anything could be fossilized

    ​The tiniest fossil on record only agreed to be 2/10 of the millimeter (it had been of the 50-million-year-old parasite).

  4. They’re ridiculously old​

    ​Next time you are feeling old, keep in mind some fossils go as far back to 4.1 billion years.

​National Fossil Day timeline


​Lucy was created

​​Scientists found fossils of the 3.5 million-year-old female hominin (an extinct human species) and named her “Lucy.”


Evidence of T-Rex ​

Researchers uncovered the very first Tyrannosaurus Rex remains.

​1840s - 1850s​

​​Researchers discovered the Neanderthal

​Ancient human fossils were unearthed the very first time, showing the presence of the Neanderthal.

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