National Frozen Food Day on Saturday, March 6, 2021

National Frozen Food Day

National Frozen Food Day Activities

  1. Eat frozen food for each meal

    Understand the diversity from the frozen food industry by enjoying frozen food for each meal about this special day. Start the day having a frozen waffle, consider using a frozen burrito for supper, chow lower on the scrumptious frozen pizza for supper, as well as for dessert, have a scrumptious bowl of frozen treats. Bon appetit!

  2. Possess a TV social gathering

    TV dinners — plastic trays full of an entire meal having a primary and sides designed for eating while watching televisions — would be the essential American frozen food. Invite your buddies over for a cocktail party where TV dinners would be the order from the day. Purchase a variety and also have buddies select!

  3. Help make your own frozen food

    National Frozen Food Day started meant for the frozen food industry, but you may also celebrate the question from the freezer by looking into making your personal frozen food! Create a big pot of stew or soup and freeze individual portions, or get elaborate making your personal TV dinners.

Why We Like National Frozen Food Day

  1. Dinner done affordably

    Because of frozen food, we never need to need to prepare! We are able to keep all sorts of meals within our freezers and able to opt for only a couple of minutes within the microwave. Whether we're within the mood for Indian curry, Thai noodles, or perhaps an old-fashioned pot cake, it’s a fast trip in the frozen food aisle to the stomachs.

  2. We are able to always get our vegetables

    We like vegetables (we all do, we promise!) however it seems like we're always tossing out produce which has gone bad before there exists a chance for doing things. With bags of frozen kale and green spinach within the freezer, we are able to always get our vegetables — even when we haven’t visited the marketplace in days!

  3. Frozen treats counts

    Frozen treats is among the most scrumptious foods on the planet, and due to the wonders of frozen food industry, we are able to get it our homes whatsoever occasions. Frozen treats pints, frozen treats bars, frozen treats sandwiches — it’s all frozen, and it is all obtainable in the frozen food aisle.

On March 6, we celebrate subzero nutrition with National Frozen Food Day. The day started by President Taxation back in 1984 with Announcement #5157: “Now, Therefore, I, Taxation, President from the Usa, do hereby proclaim March 6, 1984, as Frozen Food Day, and that i make use of the United states citizens to look at such day with appropriate events and activities.” So, get thee towards the frozen food aisle and fill up your freezers to celebrate National Frozen Food Day — obama demands it!

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