National Kazoo Day on Thursday, January 28, 2021

National Kazoo Day

National Kazoo Day Activities

  1. Perform a DIY Kazoo

    For those who have kids, they’re certain to love this. Plus, it’s simple and inexpensive. You just need a card board tube, wax paper, rubber bands, and scissors.

  2. Play your preferred songs

    On National Kazoo Day turn it into a priority to obtain your mouth on the kazoo and hum your preferred songs. Would like to get others involved? Bring kazoos to operate and let coworkers feel the pleasure of playing.

  3. Do kazoo karaoke

    Supply your buddies with kazoos, a microphone, along with a stage (along with a glass of vino, preferably), and also have a fun, memorable night.

Why We Like National Kazoo Day

  1. It can make us nostalgic

    Kazoos restore recollections of learning how to play our first guitar. National Kazoo Day allows us to remember when something this straightforward introduced us lots of pleasure.

  2. It celebrates an enjoyable guitar

    Kazoos are enjoyable they’re small, simple, and simple to experience. Still, you almost certainly haven’t attempted one because you were a child.

  3. It will help us seem like a gifted music performer

    All that you should do is hum a tune and allow the kazoo take it from there.

Should you haven’t used a kazoo since grade school (or maybe you’ve not used at all one whatsoever), then prepare to experience! In the end, National Kazoo Day’s here. Everything started when Happy Noise Kazoo Band member Chaplin Willard Rahn founded the day in 1983. National Kazoo Day is supposed to celebrate all of the ways in which playing (and listening) towards the kazoo bring happiness to individuals of every age group. The like The month of january 28, celebrate by hearing kazoo bands or by playing your personal.

three reasons To Visit Kazoo Crazy

  1. Kazoo Museum

    This Beaufort, Sc, attraction has among the largest assortment of kazoos open to the general public.

  2. Kazoos happen to be utilized in music tracks

    The people from the Original Dixieland Jazz Band used kazoos within their song “Crazy Blues."

  3. This performer loves using kazoos

    Family performer/kazoo whiz Ron Hubbard once switched a crowd of 30,000 right into a giant kazoo band!

National Kazoo Day timeline


The kazoo was commercially created

Emil Sorg, a traveling salesperson, partnered with toolmaker Michael McIntyre to fabricate the kazoo in New You are able to.


The kazoo made its very first

Audiences got their first peek at a kazoo in the Georgia Condition Fair.


This kazoo was produced

Alabama Vest, a guy from Macon, Georgia, invented the enjoyment guitar that everybody still loves today.

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