National Lego Day on Thursday, January 28, 2021

National Lego Day

National Lego Day Activities

  1. Develop a Lego toy

    Pull out your old Lego set — or make use of your kids' — and tinker around for some time. It is good for relaxation and mental stimulation. Lego even sponsors corporate retreats for adults.

  2. Intend to go to a Legoland amusement park

    They are situated in Carlsbad, California, and Winter Haven, Florida. Additionally there is a Legoland Discovery Center in Tempe, Arizona. If you are searching for additional of the day trip, you can go to among the 132 Lego stores across America.

  3. Watch around the big (or small) screen

    The Lego Movie (2014) scored 96 percent "fresh" on Rotten Tomato plants, with lots of praising the movie's irreverent tone and colorful action. The follow up, The Lego Movie 2: The 2nd Part, was launched five years later in 2019. You may also mind to YouTube watching a Lego creator build breathtaking structures.

Why We Like National Lego Day

  1. Legos are great for your brain

    Studies suggest that Legos along with other construction toys can improve an array of mental aptitudes in youthful children, for example spatial intelligence and hands-eye coordination. (It ought to be noted that Legos are meant for kids of sufficient age to not swallow them — and wise enough to not leave them on carpeting!)

  2. Legos really are a highly cost-effective toy

    A Lego set is not one toy — it's hundreds! Legos have the best "mileage" from any toy available on the market. It will be years before your son or daughter (or else you) can exhaust all of the options of a small Lego set.

  3. The storyline of Lego is inspiring

    The Lego Group makes Lego bricks since 1949. The organization rebounded from the major sales slump in early 2000s, becoming the earth's best toy company. It is also the earth's most effective brand. All of this, while remaining independently held and operated by exactly the same family that founded it.

The colorful plastic bricks referred to as Legos have entertained children (and adults) all over the world for pretty much 70 years. Legos are utilized to make toy structures, vehicles, creatures, machines, anything imaginable — and they may be separated and set together again as frequently while you’d like. Which means endless creative play. National Lego Day, on The month of january 28, celebrates these incredibly ingenious and enriching toys.

5 Startling Details About Legos

  1. Each Set Contains Trillions of Combinations

    Two eight-pipped Lego bricks could be combined 24 various ways. The amount rises tremendously with the help of other bricks only six of the identical bricks could be combined in over 900 million unique ways.

  2. Lego May Be The World's Largest Tire Manufacturer

    Lego makes 400 million tires annually because of its various vehicles, far outstripping any real-existence tire maker.

  3. A Guy Designed A Real House From Legos

    Britain's James May built a home from 3.3 million bricks. It contained a functional toilet, shower, and bed.

  4. There Is A Surprising Cause Of Minifigure Design

    That legendary hole within the mind of the Lego minifigure isn't there, just as we suspected as kids, so that you can fasten a mind to some brick. It's there so a young child could inhale situation she or he accidentally swallows it.

  5. Legos Really Are A Perfect Fit

    The injection molds utilized in creating Legos have tolerances of under two micrometers — and therefore today's Legos still fit perfectly with individuals from six decades ago.

National Lego Day timeline


Lego grew to become the earth's Most Effective Brand

Brand Finance, a company consultancy group, announced Lego had surpassed Google, Nike, Ferrari, and Visa to assert the very best place.


Lego bricks introduced

The Lego Group started manufacturing the now-legendary bricks utilizing an injection mold machine it'd lately purchased.


Lego company founded

Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Billund, Denmark, founded the Lego company to fabricate wooden toys.

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