National Oreo Cookie Day on Saturday, March 6, 2021

National Oreo Cookie Day

Good reputation for National Oreo Cookie Day

Invented in 1912, the late Mike J. Porcello, an old Nabisco food researcher, the Oreo cookie is a creamy favorite snack for many years. This cookie creation is undoubtedly certainly one of his noticably achievements in the 34 years at Nabisco. And albeit, we feel that existence continues to be sweeter since, because we at National Today just cannot get enough! The Oreo cookie is almost 108 years of age, and it is enjoyed by cookie enthusiasts of every age group around the world.

You probably know this: classic doesn't go from style. And, in excess of a century old Oreo cookies can be found in various colors, sizes, flavors. There are other inventing flavors coming each year. You will find double stuffed, thins, small, Neapolitan, and also the aptly named Mega Stuf. We are able to even savor the taste within an Oreo cake! Dunk them in milk, ask them to following a meal or perhaps a snack, share all of them with buddies or covet them on your own. However we would like them, we are able to ask them to, as there's an abundance of the way to savor the beloved Oreo!

National Oreo Cookie Day Activities

  1. Come with an Oreo Tasting

    Invite your buddies to eat Oreos! Find as numerous types of these tasty cookies that you could, and also have a tasting of Oreo flavors. Awesome Mint? Golden? Birthday Cake? Original?  Do minis taste diverse from regular? Ask hard questions, and revel in!

  2. Throw an Oreo Dessert Party

    Throw a desserts-only social gathering where everybody needs to bring a homemade dessert with Oreos! Cake with Oreo crust, frozen treats with Oreo mix-ins, cake with Oreos incorporated within the batter. Get creative! And relish the versatility of the cookie.

  3. Make it simple and eat some Oreos

    Kick it old-fashioned on National Oreo Cookie Day and just eat a few of these classic cookies. Purchase a pack on the way home from soccer practice or bring a bundle in to the office for everybody to savor. Regardless of whether you have them all to yourself or share the romance, you’ll feel happy after consuming this scrumptious cookie.

Why We Like National Oreo Cookie Day

  1. There's just one Oreo

    There are plenty of imitators, but there's just one Oreo. Every occasionally we'll check out other brands to find out if they’ll taste nearly as good, but we revisit towards the original. They were given things perfectly right, so we commend them for this.

  2. We like them every which way

    There's a million methods to eat an Oreo, so we love these. Twisting, dunking, chomping, discussing — each strategy is amazing. How one eats an Oreo can also be this kind of understanding of their personality! How can you eat your Oreo?

  3. We like to try all of the varieties

    You will find a large number of types of Oreos, some only accessible in a few counties, so we love the task of attempting to taste these.

We celebrate America’s number 1 cookie every year on its special day on March 6 with National Oreo Cookie Day. At National Today, we like a great cookie. And good cookies originate from the classics.  Actually, our absolute favorites is really a timeless classic: the Oreo. With crisp chocolate cookies and creamy filling, these little cookies have taken our hearts and our stomachs. The Oreo was initially introduced in 1912 and contains been the very best-selling cookie in the usa since. We like to dunk them, twist them, and upright have a bite. Here’s towards the scrumptious Oreo!

5 Details About Oreo Cookies Which Will Take Your Breath Away

  1. Just call him up Mr. Oreo

    Cookie founder Mike J. Porcello was frequently known as “Mr. Oreo” after he introduced us to the favorite sugary sandwich treat.

  2. The initial recipe known as for pork fat

    When invented, lard would be a central component to creating the Oreo cookie.

  3. Double Stuffed Cookies made their debut in 1975

    The initial recipe didn’t change much through the years before the favorite Double Stuffed Oreo Cookie was introduced.

  4. Oreo cookies are offered in over 100 countries

    Cookie enthusiasts all over the world can love this particular tasty treat! The very best five countries when it comes to sales for Oreo cookies would be the U . s . States, China, Venezuela, Canada, and Indonesia.

  5. Oreo cookies could circle Earth 381 occasions

    From finish to finish, these classic cookies could circle the world over 300 occasions if arranged across the equator. A tower of Oreos could achieve the moon and back a minimum of five occasions.

National Oreo Cookie Day timeline


Oreo cookies turn 100!

The special edition, and today permanent flavor, Birthday Cake cookie was launched to celebrate the centennial milestone.


Oreo cookies were first introduced as kosher.

What this means is much more cookie enthusiasts--individuals with food limitations--could love this particular classic cookie snack!


Lemon meringue will get the boot.

Using the original cream flavor being much more popular, the lemon meringue flavor was stopped by Nabisco.


Oreos Hit the industry

The Oreo cookie was initially offered to some grocer in Hoboken, Nj. When released, Oreo cookies were released in 2 flavors, the initial cream and lemon meringue.

National Oreo Cookie Day FAQs

The number of Oreo cookies happen to be offered worldwide up to now?

By 2019, greater than an impressive over 450 billion cookies happen to be offered worldwide.
What makes them known as Oreo cookies?

What makes them known as Oreo cookies?

This really is still a mysterious. Nobody truly knows where the name “Oreo” originated.

That which was the cookie-to-cream ratio from the original Oreo cookie?

The most popular cookie has made great strides overtime, nevertheless the original cookie-to-cream ratio was 71 percent to 29 percent.

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