National Salsa Month on May 2021

National Salsa Month

National Salsa Month Activities

  1. Sauce up a notch

    Obtain a little crazy this month. Don't merely use salsa like a condiment. Flavor curries. Utilize it like a marinade or perhaps a spread. What about spiking a cocktail with salsa?

  2. Host a salsa-making competition

    In case your recipe wins you receive a prize. And when you lose you'll still reach eat salsa. It is a win-win!

  3. Join the enjoyment on social networking

    Fans of salsa publish pictures, recipes, fun details, and much more this month. You shouldn't be overlooked.

Why We Like National Salsa Month

  1. Everybody has their most favorite recipe

    And National Salsa Month is time for you to allow it to be. Salsa is available in as numerous variations because there are people. Roja, cruda, verde, negra, brava...for that passion for salsa!

  2. It brings people together

    We have heard about people connecting more than a bowl of salsa. With a few chips and tacos to talk about, you'll never be lacking buddies.

  3. It is a super sauce

    First, it's filled with vegetables. Second, it has ascorbic acid, lycopene, and fiber. It might even safeguard against cancer!

Here’s the spicy truth behind salsa. It’s no ordinary condiment. It’s an old Aztec recipe which was revealed around the world with the written word of the Franciscan missionary. One that had resided using the Aztecs and learned their ways. So let’s treat National Salsa Month, in May, with reverence. Bow for this ancient recipe and provide directly into our tastebuds. Check out as various sorts of salsa as possible. Trust us, the month will finish but you'll not exhaust new and attractive recipes to test. That’s how hot salsa is around the globe.

5 Sizzling (and Saucy) Salsa Details

  1. It is so spicy they named dancing after it

    Salsa, the dance, really got its name in the real factor to be able to highlight the spiciness from the moves. It is a robust mixture of Hispanic, Caribbean, and African dance styles.

  2. Rooster beak salsa? Really?

    Yes, Pico de gallo literally means rooster beak salsa. Possibly as this chunky salsa was eaten using the thumb and index finger that was similar to a pecking rooster!

  3. Holy Jalapeño!

    Each year Pace Foods uses 22 million pounds of fresh jalapeno. That's greater than every other salsa company within the U.S!

  4. Get a proven method

    Typically, salsa is ready having a mortar and pestle produced from black volcanic rock. These are utilized to puree the tomato plants and chilies along with other ingredients.

  5. Relish and salsa are siblings

    Relish, like salsa, is really a condiment accustomed to boost the flavor of foods and could be eaten cooked or raw. The main difference would be that the word 'relish' is French and 'salsa' is Spanish. European siblings!

National Salsa Month timeline


Lone Star salsa

Tortilla chips and salsa grew to become the state condition snack of Texas.


Formally a Vegetable

The U.S. Department of Agriculture designated salsa like a vegetable to get increasingly more schools for everyone it to children.


The Very First National Salsa Month

National Salsa Month was produced to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Pace Salsa .


Salsa Beats Ketchup

Make room ketchup — salsa grew to become the country's largest selling sauce.

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