Rare Disease Day on Sunday, February 28, 2021

Rare Disease Day

Good reputation for Rare Disease Day

Founded through the European Organization for Rare Illnesses, the very first Rare Disease Day was celebrated in 2008 on Feb 29 . A “rare” date that occurs just once every 4 years. Since that time, Rare Disease Day has had put on the final day of Feb, per month noted for getting a rare length of time. The day takes place to boost awareness for rare illnesses and improve use of treatment and medical representation for people with rare illnesses as well as their families. Strategy to many rare illnesses is inadequate, much like the social systems to aid people with rare illnesses as well as their families.

Individuals observing Rare Disease Day be a part of walks and press conferences, organize fundraisers, write en masse to government representatives, together with holding occasions, gatherings, and campaigns. The day includes a wide open session from the European Parliament particularly focused on discussing policy issues associated with rare illnesses. The times prior to Rare Disease Day include other policy-related occasions in several locations, like a reception within the British Parliament where policy makers talk with people with rare illnesses to go over issues for example equal access and accessibility to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Every year since its beginning there has been a large number of occasions stemming from races and walks to art exhibits and workshops. These occasions are held to create focus on policy makers and encourage change locally. Historic monuments like the Colosseum and also the Empire Condition building took stages in delivering messages of unity about this day by illuminating using the legendary pink, blue, and eco-friendly colors, supplying expect millions world-wide.

Rare Disease Day Activities

  1. Get the word out

    Share posts about Rare Disease Day on social networking and encourage buddies to boost awareness for rare illnesses.

  2. Volunteer

    Each year, a large number of occasions are organised all over the world throughout the month of Feb to mark the occasion of Rare Disease Day. Patient organizations, medical professionals, researchers, policymakers along with other people from the rare disease community organize Rare Disease Day occasions. Find occasions in your area, or visit the website and begin your personal!

  3. Inform Your Story

    Participate Rare Disease Day by discussing your story with other people and delivering a note of unity! You are able to talk about your story as well as submit photos or perhaps a video testimonial to rarediseaseday.org

Why We Like Rare Disease Day

  1. Raising awareness

    Rare Disease Day improves understanding among everyone of rare illnesses while encouraging researchers and decision makers to deal with the requirements of individuals coping with rare illnesses.

  2. Finding cures

    Nearly all rare illnesses don't have any found cure and lots of go undiagnosed, by getting awareness we open minds and hearts to the potential of locating a cure.

  3. Saving lives

    Significant advances in rare disease policy is visible on the global scale through the years and it has helped improve the caliber of existence for a lot of all over the world.

This Feb 28 is Rare Disease Day. Because of so many things happening on the planet around us, it’s super easy to postpone essential things like health. That is why the final day of Feb every year we mark our calendars to create awareness to rare illnesses. Typically one in 20 people accept a rare disease at least one time within their lifetime, couple of which use whatever manifestation of a remedy. The aim of Rare Disease Day would be to improve understanding among everyone of rare illnesses while encouraging researchers and decision makers to deal with the requirements of individuals coping with rare illnesses.

5 Details ABOUT RARE Illnesses

  1. 10 %

    10 % people are afflicted by rare illnesses within the U.S.

  2. It largely effects children

    50% of individuals impacted by rare illnesses are children

  3. Global Scale

    Rare illnesses affect over 300 million people worldwide

  4. Finding Support

    1 / 2 of rare illnesses affecting people do not have a basis or research support group

  5. The large number

    95% of rare illnesses lack an Food and drug administration approved treatment.

Rare Disease Day timeline



The U.S. Fda (Food and drug administration) approved Truvada for PrEP use to avoid multiplication of Aids.


The Very First Rare Disease Day

Happening around the 25th anniversary from the passing from the Orphan Drug Act, the initial Rare Disease Day is noted in several European and Canadian nations.


The Orphan Drug Act

The Orphan Drug Act was passed to facilitate growth and development of drugs for rare illnesses.


The Very First Rabies Vaccine

Nine-year-old Frederick Meister, who was simply mauled with a rabid dog, was the very first human to get this vaccine.


The Very First Vaccine

Edward Jenner, a rustic physician residing in England, performed the earth's first vaccination saving potentially huge numbers of people from smallpox.

Rare Disease Day FAQs

Exactly what is a rare disease?

A disease understood to be rare happens when it impacts less than one in 2,000 people. However, you will find over 300 million people coping with a number of over 6,000 identified rare illnesses all over the world.

What color is rare disease day?

As the colors most employed for Rare Disease Day are pink, blue, and eco-friendly, in your area worn symbols can vary.

Exactly what is a disease?

A disease is disorder of structure or function inside a human, animal, or plant that isn't a result of physical injuries.

Rare Disease Day is definitely an observance held around the last day of Feb to boost awareness about illnesses that many individuals will not are conscious of, in addition to improve use of treatment. 

EURORDIS (The Ecu Organization for Rare Illnesses) states that strategy to many rare illnesses is inadequate, and a few people’s quality of existence is greatly hindered by inequality, due to the fact individuals have never heard about their disease, or don't realize the disease and also the patient’s needs.

Since 2008, EURORDIS continues to be putting in social systems to assist support people with rare illnesses as well as their families, in addition to Co-Ordinating occasions for Rare Disease Day in an worldwide level.

2010 featured balloon releases, marathons, auctions and tree planting occasions to boost awareness, and every year people impacted by rare illnesses ought to share pictures as well as their tales using the world.

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