St. George's Day on Friday, April 23, 2021

St. George's Day

St. George's Day Activities

  1. Put on a rose

    Why a red rose? Because based on legend, after saving a princess in the infamous dragon, St. George handed her a red rose. He was the best dreamboat.

  2. Fly the (British) flag

    No, and not the Union Jack. Try the St. George's Mix of England rather! There are not many possibilities to allow the British flag fly nowadays (unless of course you are a football fan), so seize the chance on St. George's Day.

  3. Mind towards the capital

    Every British city features its own St. George's Day festivities, however the primary event occur in London. Using its numerous pubs (all flying the British flag), parades, shops, and large fireworks display, London is where to be this most British of holidays.

Why We Like St. George's Day

  1. We are all British — for twenty-four hrs

    This day celebrates British culture. We may have a place of tea, play polo, eat fish & chips, fly the British flag, and never be worried about the effects.

  2. Worldwide holiday

    Initially a spiritual feast day, St. George's Day happens across religions and countries, stretching in the Middle East to Russia, Central Europe, towards the Iberian Peninsula.

  3. Imagine dragons

    Based on single,000-year-old legend, St. George slayed a dragon and saved a princess as he was becoming a soldier within the Roman army.

Here’s what minus the coupon-clipping about St. George’s Day:

Have a close consider the British flag. That red mix more than a white-colored background has meaning. It’s really St. George’s Mix — an emblem so carefully intertwined with British national identity that St. George has their own national holiday.

The legend of Saint George and also the Dragon describes the saint taming and slaying a dragon that required human sacrifices. We celebrate St. George’s Day on April 23 — the anniversary of his dying in 303 AD.

The patron saint of England has captivated British imaginations because the Crusades and also the Century’ War. Possibly probably the most British of holidays, this special day is an opportunity to enable your British flag fly, literally and figuratively. 

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