World Lewis Day on Saturday, November 26, 2022

World Lewis Day

How you can Observe World Lewis Day

  1. Donate towards the Australian Koala Foundation

    The AKF is really a non-profit and non-government organization focused on the conservation and efficient control over the koala and it is habitat. Visit their website to determine the best way to help really make a difference. 

  2. Plant eucalyptus

    If you reside in a koala lived on area, plant eucalyptus on your lawn to include another food source. The current Australian fires not just burned lower the homes of countless koalas, but the leaves they have to survive. Planting gum trees gives the local koalas a fighting chance.

  3. Volunteer

    Countless koalas continue to be displaced because of the recent Australian bushfire. If you reside in Australia, volunteer to assist locate the furry marsupials and produce these to the closest koala hospital. 

Why World Lewis Day is essential

  1. It raises awareness

    Before the viral video, very couple of people outdoors of Australia were conscious of the roaring bushfires harming not just koalas, but additionally other wildlife and individuals. Due to Lewis, thousands are hurrying to give towards the families and koalas who've lost their houses because of the devastating occurrence. 

  2. It encourages individuals to volunteer

    People living near Australia's recent fire zone are hurrying to volunteer. Lewis' save, and the fight within the hospital, introduced to light precisely how harmful the circumstances are suitable for the countless other koalas looking for help. 

  3. It acknowledges an attractive act of courage 

    Toni Doherty, the Australian grandmother observed in the viral video, used the shirt off her back to be able to save Lewis, who'd rose up a tree to flee the flames. Toni put herself at risk and risked her very own existence to save the existence of the small creature. She's inspired numerous individuals to look out for local wildlife who may require a save that belongs to them. 

What's World Lewis Day?

World Lewis Day, observed November 26, serves to boost awareness concerning the countless koalas who've passed and have been displaced because of the recent Australian bushfires, and encourages individuals to donate to charitable organization groups working to assist them to in anyway they are able to. 

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